Colocar um bebê para dormir, no claro ou no escuro?

Putting a baby to sleep, in the light or in the dark?

Colocar um bebê para dormir, no claro ou no escuro?

In your baby's first few weeks, light plays an important role in synchronizing his biological clock and, therefore, his sleep rhythm. Alternating between light and dark favors adjusting this rhythm: it will be a good idea to prepare a bright environment for nap times and consider dimmer light for sleeping. The environment can be kept in the dark and relatively silent during nighttime rest, when the whole family is sleeping, while during the day the child can sleep in the dark and in a space not necessarily free from the noise of the house, as this has a calming effect. about it.

It may be that after six months the baby goes through a more complex phase, as the so-called anxiety caused by withdrawal causes nighttime awakenings, nightmares or fear of the dark. In this case, a dim, low-intensity light that is not directed directly at him can calm him. From a practical point of view, a night light positioned in the baby's room allows parents to take care of them regardless of their age, easily finding their way around without having to illuminate the environment excessively.


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